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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sustainable Landscape Design Diploma course - Swinburne Coming to an End

Very surprised to hear that the Swinburne TAFE Sustainable Landscape Design course will be taking no further enrolments, due to a cessation in funding.  That means a relatively small number of us actually will possess this EXCLUSIVE qualification, after only three years of Swinburne's running the course!
A bunch of us finished studying the Diploma of Sustainable Landscape Design back in 2011 and we have done consulting work within Melbourne and the Yarra Ranges, and Barwon River region, as well as hands-on landscaping and maintenance. In that time a friend and I built a Green Roof (I designed it and give credit to him for the carpentry help) on to a Chicken Shed and landscaped several gardens, and one verandah garden.  (I have two strained wrists as proof!)

Link to the building process -- Green roof process
WALL E on the home made GREEN ROOF

No question it's a male dominated field, and highly competitive field to break in to as  a full-time vocation, especially when it comes to design work.  People very often source their ideas from the internet, rather than feeling they need to pay a Consultant.

With less government money being directed at sustainability with State and Federal Governments being both Liberal/National now.

Taking the good with the bad, I am honoured to be among the smallish number of students who came through this exclusive Course, with Distinction Results, and look forward to meeting up with staff and students at our Reunion in a few weeks.