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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Urban Noise - Animals are cursing (like) us more than we think!

Birds mating. 
I am attaching a link to an article from '' which isn't about gardening, unless of course you are in the habit of cursing the weeds that are hurting your daphnes and delphiniums .... to err. damnation, (Oh, ... be gone you accursed blackberry bush!) or what have you.

However, I think it's a very interesting article about where our habitats are going, but for those more faint-hearted, do be warned that here you will find some birds swearing - after all an article about swearing has to have some expletives uttered!!

What is really worrying is that urban sirens, traffic and other noises are making it difficult for birds to make their mating calls, and other cries heard, and the birds are choosing to move away from urban centres in some cases, and as this is a very quick post, I haven't yet had the time to explore this phenomenon in more detail. (What I do find interesting about is that its articles use popular language and  humour to expose the naked harsh truths in a clever way that will interest the audience. Sometimes we need to make light of something a little, to drive something home from the head to the heart, as I say on my website converse

The cartoons are great, and I am a real fan of green cartoons as my other website avows.

On the topic of birds mimicking, I once watched a great programme covering birds in the Australian bush and the aussie lyre birds' ability to mimick the sound of car alarm being activated (ga-blip), the sound of a motorised saw, and all manner of other bird calls, etc was astounding!