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Inside this blog we look at everything that is encroaching in to our natural urban landscapes – outdoor rooms (errchkem), weeds, urban noise, excess nutrientsThere’s a bit of art to add extra colour and inspiration. We believe in making sustainability fun - more gaming, less shaming.

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Attribution for above garden design goes to

Andrew Jones, talented artist and designer.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Metaphors for Nature

Nature is always making a come back ... 

Ahh, the importance of language, and how we express our green messages, so I'm trying to be poetic or a little metaphorical in my gardening gabbling, as it's still spring for a few more days and with sore wrist in hand (pardon the pun), one needs some inspiration to get back in the back garden and level it before laying pavers etc. 

What living system can survive without its protection from the sun, its moisture retention, its detoxification, and its food and vitamins.  

We can preach the concept of mulch as the garden’s moisturiser.  

The canopies are the sun-hats for the shade loving plants and local residents which help keep the urban heat island at bay.

The sediment control measures are the detox tablets (keeping the drains and ground water free of contaminants). 

The organic fertiliser and compost are the food and the vitamins!

The drought loving plants are like botanic camels, in their water storing splendour .....